Detailing unforgettable experiences in 25 countries
April 5, 2004

Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI

Nomad: Letters From A Westward Lap Of The World by Jason Jones is an inherently fascinating travelogue of backpacking around the world on a mere $40 a day. Detailing unforgettable experiences in 25 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, Nomad is thrilling true life story of adventure, meeting new friends worldwide and viewing truly magnificent sights, as well as the terrible pain of learning about the 9/11 attacks when far from home. So vivid it makes the reader feel as if he or she were personally on the road, Nomad is a recommended pick -- especially for armchair travelers who dream of tramping around the world themselves.

—Midwest Book Review

Reviewer:  Isabelle Harman of Heartland Reviews from Leavenworth, KS

Before beginning his escapade into the relatively unknown, Jason Jones, a thirty-something gifted storyteller and adventurer, did a bit of soul searching. At the beginning of his tale, he sums up what is out there for him by writing, “The jungles of Southeast Asia, palaces in India, a safari in Africa, great cities such as Tokyo, Istanbul and Buenos Aires–there was such a rich and wonderful palette from which to choose the colors of my journey.”

Be sure to take this trip with him. Mr. Jones whets your appetite for travel. If you don’t have the means to travel, don’t fret; you can travel vicariously with Jason. He magically brings to life the traditions, customs, and people of lands far away and seemingly unreachable. His goal was to write a book about travel from the perspective of someone who is in the midst of the act. He does that and much more by providing innocent and intriguing tales, as well as tidbits of travel tips. In the end, he pulls together the highlights and impressions of his fourteen-month world tour in a “frequently asked questions” type of epilogue. Magically written, the book transports the reader to wherever he goes. We rated this book four hearts.

—Isabelle A. Harman

Never has world culture been so attainable.

Reviewer:  Hugh McPherson from New Park, PA

You know, I find most travel books wordy and boring: Over descriptive of minute details, and under descriptive of the culture and people. In a time when world events and struggles are brought close to home, I just want an "every man" set of observations. Mr. Jones gives that in this book.

Shoot, I feel like I could call him 'Jason' after reading this book. It's like you sat down with a buddy after he got back from his big trip, and he told you about the adventure on a Sunday afternoon, over a six-pack of beer. It's disarmingly causal, and it's pleasantly concise.

This is not a history book, it's Jason's (Sorry, Mr. Jones) viewpoint told so you feel like you're walking along beside him. It gives you a glimpse into the world of everyday people around the world without political or media bias. Jason's just a guy, and these are people he meets. It really helps place perspective on the nightly news.

Sometimes I forget that there are everyday people in these other countries, just trying to make it and take care of their families. That's good perspective when we only hear about the leaders of those countries on TV. Jason introduces you to a number of entrepreneurial people who are following their dreams and setting goals, just like us, only halfway around the world.

I'm past my window of opportunity for a world trip backpacking adventure, but I now feel like I've been on one; one with a good friend. Plus, "Nomad" saved me a lot on airfare.

That's why I like this book, and I hope you will too.

—Hugh McPherson

During the trip, Jason would write back often to keep us updated on his travels, the people he met, and the cultures he visited. His fascinating stories and easy writing style took us there with him and also brought the world to us. Many of us thought his writings would make a great book. Well, Mr. Jones is now a published author! Congratulations Jason!

—Charles Liu